UI/UX Designer / 3D Artist

I was hired as a Unity3D artist and level designer for a couple of Kinect games Blue Hive/Wunderman were developing for Ford of Europe. The brief? Showcase two of Ford’s innovative technologies to visitors at motor shows and other live events across Europe, utilise the latest technology to deliver an interactive experience, and make it fun!

We developed the world’s first branded games on Microsoft’s Kinect system enabling people to try and outperform Ford’s Active Park Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition systems. The games proved so successful as pilots that Microsoft used them as case studies and subsequently created an official Kinect SDK release from our work. It was featured in TechCrunch, The Guardian and Zdnet.


The initial phase of the project included "hacking" the XBOX 360 to create drivers for Mac OSX. This was a large undertaking as it was a world first. I assisted at this stage with testing and model mapping.

Introduction video


Using Unity3D I built levels, imported 3D assets (models, textures etc) from Cinema 4D, created wind physics, configured dynamic lighting and tested the game thoroughly through an independent game Q&A studio.

Full gameplay video